Best paper award at 2015 UEBS Strategy conference

Practicing Strategy in a Transitioning World: Practice, Processes, Governance and Institutions

from UEBS website:

PhD students from the Strategy Group, organised the third edition of the UEBS Strategy Mini-Conferences on 30th April and 1st May 2015.

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The conference theme this year was Practicing Strategy in a Transitioning World: Practice, Processes, Governance and Institutions.  The Chief organizer was Carmelo Paviera, assisted by Nancy Diaz Fernandez, Onya Idoko, George Ferns, Ilay Ozturk

Among the participants were more than 30 doctoral students, academics and practitioners from across the United Kingdom and Europe. Our Keynote addresses were by Dr. Shaz Ansari from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge; Professor Robert Chia from Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow; and Dr. Santi Furnari from Cass Business School, City University London.

The best paper award was for Greetje F. Corporaal from the VU University Amsterdam for her paper on “Paradoxical boundary work in strategy making: eliminating or shifting boundaries?”

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Matt Thomas from Oxford Brookes University, told us: “For me this conference gave me the opportunity to understand the sort of work going on elsewhere in the name of strategy and hence to place my own work in that context. The opportunity to get constructive feedback on my own work and discuss others work was of great value.”

Annie Wen from the The University of Manchester – Business School said of the event: “Thanks for organizing the event. The venue for the conference is brillient, which is very suitable for the conference (proper room size with corresponding audience). The event is very much well organized, efficient, fluent and friendly. I got some useful feedback from othe audience and also learned about their research story. The lunch, dinner and wine reception is also amazing, I have tried some traditional Scottish food through this opportunity and it is quite exciting and different! Everyone is so nice and kind, smiling and helpful. I really enjoyed the time in Edinburgh.”

We hope that all our participants enjoyed and took something positive away from the Strategy Mini-Conference 2015, and we hope to see them soon in the next edition of this event.

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