2018 Reshaping Work Conference


October 25-26, I attended the Reshaping Work Conference – A true and exemplary multi-stakeholder conference to discuss developments – and research insights – around Work in the Platform Economy.

In the first research insights session on knowledge and skills in platform work, I presented a paper that I wrote together with my colleague Vili Lehdonvirta, entitled “Motivations for platform sourcing: Why do firms adopt online labor markets for knowledge work?” In the paper we discuss the adoption of online labor platforms for knowledge work as an alternative solution to outsourcing and staffing agencies to engage external workers. We also identify the different motivations of large firms, with over 10,000 employees to adopt platform sourcing and engage online freelancers as part of their workforce.

Here are some pictures of the event, made by Martijn Arets:

My talk received quite some attention:


Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 23.36.24

Vili and I are currently in the process of further developing the paper and preparing it for journal submission.


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