Greetje (Gretta) Corporaal is a Postdoctoral researcher in Organization Studies at the University of Oxford. Previously she was a PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam and a a visiting scholar at NYU Stern School of Business. Gretta was born in Dokkum (1983) Friesland, the Netherlands. She received a BSc in Psychology (2007) from the University of Groningen with a minor in Modern Japan Studies. During her time in Groningen, Gretta also studied Classical Violin at the Prins Claus Conservatorium. After her Bachelor, Gretta wished to continue her studies in a field combining the Social Sciences with the study of Work and Organizations. For this, she moved to Amsterdam to obtain a pre-masters degree in Culture, Organization, and Management (2008, Cum Laude) at VU Amsterdam and started working at the VU Medical Centre. Enthusiastic to learn more about why collaboration among organizations from Europe and Asia is often so complex, Gretta enrolled in an MSc in Social Research (2011, Cum Laude) and specialized in Organization Sciences. During her master studies, she also studied at Copenhagen Business School and was a member of the VU Orchestra and VU Chamber Orchestra.

To deepen her understanding of how globalization and advances in information technologies are transforming the way collaborative work is done in contemporary organizations, Gretta decided to continue her studies with a doctorate in Organization Sciences, for which she received extensive funding from Teijin Limited, Yanmar Europe BV, and VU Amsterdam. A recipient of a prestigious Young Talent Award from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Gretta spent seven months in the United States to work as a Visiting Scholar at New York University. She also received various best paper awards at international conferences and a Wilhelmina Drucker Early Career Award from VU University.

Her dissertation research and teaching focuses on helping organizations to realize cross-boundary collaborative work around strategy, technology, and innovation, to more effectively create and share knowledge. She is particularly interested in the micro-foundations of complex organizational work. She examines how professionals from technological organizations can successfully collaborate and coordinate their activities towards solving complex problems. For this, Gretta conducted a longitudinal, multi-sited field study of collaborative work in a Japanese multinational and with an American engineering contractor. She explores how the organization of work is transformed, as well as the challenges and opportunities these transformations entail for technological organizations, their work, and their members. She develops theory about how different occupational groups (1) collaborate around business reporting and strategy making, (2) sustain radical innovation, and (3) achieve coordination in multiparty collaboration.

During her PhD, Gretta was actively involved in the Master’s Programs in Policy, Communication and Organization and Culture, Organisation, and Management. She taught undergraduate courses on scientific research and graduate courses on organizational change, statistics, case study research and ethnographic research. Gretta supervised master students on the topics of global R&D, post-acquisition integration, diversity, and cross-cultural management. She also organizes seminars for executive education (Dujat, Hay Group).

Gretta currently resides in the United Kingdom, working at the University of Oxford. Within the Oxford Internet Institute, she is part of the ERC-funded project iLabour: The construction of Labour Markets, Institutions and Movements on the Internet. This project examines online labour platforms and crowdsourcing marketplaces that are part of the so-called ‘sharing economy‘ or ‘digital gig economy’. Gretta studies the technology firms that develop these platforms and how these new private regulators create and manage their markets. She also studies the client firms and how they are changing their organizational processes and practices internally to make use of online labour.

Gretta is an active member of the Academy of Management (OCIS, OMT & TIM divisions) and the European Group of Organizational Studies. She also presented her research at the  Organization Science Winter Conference, Journal of Management Studies Conference, Critical Management Studies Conference, Collaboration Across Boundaries Conference, Edinburgh Strategy Conference, and the International Association for Cross-Cultural Competence and Management Conference.


music, cooking, photography, reading, yoga



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