Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

MSc courses

Digital Technology and Economic Organization” MSc Social Sciences of the Internet 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, University of Oxford (10-15 students)


Said Business School, University of Oxford

I’m an invited teacher for various MBA, DPhil, and Executive Education Programmes


VU Amsterdam

MSc courses

“Research lab: Case Study research,” 2015-2016 MSc Policy, Communication, and Organization (60 students)

“Master thesis supervision,” 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, MSc Culture, Organization, and Management, VU Amsterdam

  • Sytse Boonstra (2013). “Coping with separation: Boundary-spanning activities during global dispersed collaboration of R&D teams in a multinational organization
  • Alimire Aikebaier (2012). “Made in China, Organized in the Netherlands. A case study of the localization of a Chinese organization in the Netherlands
  • Luciano Landzaad (2012). “Do Japanese women need borders for emancipation? Understanding the sensemaking narratives of Japanese and Dutch women working in the Netherlands
  • Dam Thi Hong Ngan (2012). “Employee empowerment: An interactive story of context, cultural difference, and leadership behavior in organization

“Master thesis supervision,” 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 MSc Business, Policy, and Organization, VU Amsterdam

  • Sharan Cornelissen (2013). “Mirai Corporation: How the rising sun can shine through Dutch clouds
  • Jing Chu (2012). “Sensemaking: A journey through the minds of organizational actors. A study of the integration process following a Chinese overseas acquisition from a sensemaking perspective
  • Claudia van der Velden (2012). “Which sensemaking glasses do we have on? Analyzing the complexities of cross-boundary collaboration in the top-management team of a Dutch multinational organization

“Research proposal,” 2012-2013, MSc Culture, Organization, and Management and MSc Business, Policy, and Organization, VU Amsterdam

BSc Courses

  • “Bachelor working group 1 & 2,” 2011-2012 BSc Policy and Organization, VU Amsterdam (15 students)
  • “Bachelor project,” 2010-2011 BSc Sociology, VU Amsterdam (6 students)
  • “Bachelor Project,” 2010-2011 BSc Communication Science, VU Amsterdam (5 students)
  • “Research design and methods,” 2010-2011 BSc Communication Science, VU Amsterdam (60 students)

Teaching assistance

  • “Dynamics of change,” 2011-2012 MSc Policy, Communication, and Organization (90 students)
  • “Multivariate analysis,” 2010-2011 elective for all MSc Social Sciences students (200 students)


Student rating: 4,09/5

2012 Evaluation by Claudia van der Velden (trainee at Microsoft)

“The past six months were marked by my master thesis for the Master Policy, Communication, and Organization. During the thesis trajectory, I’ve been supervised by Greetje Corporaal. I’d like to point out my compliments for Greetje. She’s an excellent teacher and I feel privileged to be supervised by her throughout the thesis process. I have finalized my thesis with an 8 (out of 10) and I’m extremely happy with the result. Obtaining this grade would not have been possible without the intensive, structured and good guidance. I’ve experienced Greetje as a professional teacher who in busy times knows to keep overview, ensures good planning, works extremely motivating, and above all, knows how to get the best out of everyone in the group.”