Platform sourcing: How the Fortune 500 are adopting online freelancing platforms.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 19.53.02

Together with my colleague Vili Lehdonvirta, I recently published a report on enterprise adoption of online freelancing platforms. Based upon a study of 7 Fortune 500 firms and 2 MNCs, we report findings on the motivations of these companies to adopt platforms, how they adopt them as part of their business models, the practices they develop to hire and work with freelancers online, as well as the steps these first adopters make to organize for sustained adoption and develop platform ecosystems. The report is available online and can be found here.

Past month the report received a bit of traction by the media:

  • Here you can read Erika Fry’s article “The gig economy isn’t just for startups anymore” that appeared in Fortune magazine.
  • Here you can read Elaine Pofeldt’s article “The powerful trend that will soon make the freelance life easier” that appeared in Forbes.
  • Here you can read Andrew Karpie’s artice “Groundbreaking study analyzes enterprises’ platform sourcing of online freelancers” that appeared on A previous article that Andrew wrote on the insights for fostering enterprise adoption of online labor platforms can be found here.
  • Here you can read Lauren Dixon’s article “6 best practices for managing remote freelancers” that appeared on TalentEconomy.



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