Cultuurfonds Young Talent Awards

All Bernhard Fellows on stage during the Young Talent Awards in the DeLaMar Theatre (I’m on the right with the yellow scarf). Foto: Raymond van der Bas

Last Thursday the Cultuurfonds Young Talent Awards were handed out during a festive ceremony in the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. Every year the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds provides € 1,5 million for scholarships for excellent students from the Netherlands that are going abroad for research or study. This year, 151 scholarships have been awarded, of which I’ve had the honor of receiving one! The Cultuurfonds scholarships are aimed to invest in young and special talent, to recruit new talent within within arts, nature and science. The scholarships are given to young and motivated students that have proven to have multiple talents, and are specialized in diverse disciplines. 

It’s a great honor for me to have received a Cultuurfonds scholarship. And I was very happy to celebrate this with my friends Rosa and Trineke and my colleague Julie. This scholarship allows me to go to New York for five months to work as a visiting scholar at Stern School of Business, New York University. I will work closely together with Natalia Levina, an internationally renowned scholar in my area of research, as well as other Stern colleagues. Natalia’s work has been leading in developing my dissertation research. During my time in New York, I will analyze a complex longitudinal dataset, which requires the necessary effort and creativity. In view of our shared research interests and Natalia’s expertise (in areas of qualitative data analysis, cross-boundary collaboration, and how professionals cope with differences for innovation purposes), I believe this experience will help me in further developing my analytical skills, and translating research findings to innovative theoretical and practical insights and applications.


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