Music & Concerts

Current member of orchestras in Oxford

2016 Member of the Oxford Symphony Orchestra, Oxford

Previous activities

2010-2015 Member of the VU University Chamber Orchestra, Amsterdam

2014-2015 Member of the Greenwich Village Orchestra (GVO), New York (US)

2014 Member of De Philharmonie, Amsterdam

2014 Member of Barock Sommer, Amsterdam

2008 Member of the baroque ensemble Diletto Musicale, Groningen

2007-2008  Member of the VU University Orchestra, Amsterdam

2007  Member of the Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra

2005  Member of Suonare d’Amatori, Groningen

2003-2005 Member of the student orchestra Mira, Groningen

2004  Member of the Ulysses ensemble

2004  Member of the Dutch String Guild

2004  Member of the Dutch Student Orchestra

2004  Member of the Mei 4th project Orchestra, Groningen

1995-2001  Member of the Frisian Youth Orchestra, Leeuwarden

1996-1998  Member of the school orchestra, Dockingacollege, Dokkum

Teaching experience

2008 Teaching assistant at ‘Het Leerorkest’, a project initiated by the Music School of the Bijlmer, Amsterdam.

2006 Private violin teaching, Groningen

Violin education

2007-2008  Baroque Violin lessons from Paulien Kostense, Amsterdam

2004-2006 Violin lessons from Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, Emi Ohi Resnick, Liesbeth Ackermans and Annechien van Blom

1997-2006  Violin lessons from Arjen Beintema, Leeuwarden

2004 Solfege lessons from Leendert Runia, Zuidhorn

1991-1997  Violin lessons from Geke Kooistra, Dokkum

1996-1997 Recorder lessons from Stella Boggia van Maris, Recorder institute Flauto Nuovo, Dokkum

1990-1991  Violin lessons from Mr. De Jong, Muziekschool Noordoost Friesland, Dokkum

1989-1991  Recorder lessons from An Dikhof, Sint Bonifatiusschool, Dokkum

1989-1990 Recorder lessons from Mr. Goud, Muziekschool Noordoost Friesland, Dokkum



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